“…you can’t just paint something that is a technically good portrait or still life, there has to be something else,  there has to be a concept, story , or deep personal reason for creating the piece of art…”

 Without artist, AdamKrueger – responsible for the creation of all the

Meet Cassandra Moon, our main Bushwick rebel artist as well as Declan’s love interest and inspiration however, unlike him she doesn’t “do” galleries. But when Cass gets in an accident will she think differently?

If anything is going to keep you warm this February it’s, you guessed it, Art Machine movie fliers! With Art Machine’s premiere today we’ll be throwing a blanket of photos your way throughout the month. Seriously, you could print these out, staple them together and make a quilt…

Newsflash: Banksy is Binksy, a 15-month-old named Travis.

For Art Machine’s release we created a video promo directed by Doug Karr who’s imagined his son, Travis as Binksy, the 15-month-old grafitti artist who reeks mama dada bee bee ba ba havoc all over Brooklyn making for quite the breaking news story.