The man behind the mania

“…you can’t just paint something that is a technically good portrait or still life, there has to be something else,  there has to be a concept, story , or deep personal reason for creating the piece of art…”

 Without artist, AdamKrueger – responsible for the creation of all the artwork that went into Art Machine, this movie would not have been at all possible. Adam Krueger is a Bushwick-based artist, currently residing on the Lower East Side who’s work runs the gamut from painting and drawing to sculpture. We got the opportunity to interview the radster about his experience working behind the scenes as our main character, Declan Truss’ ghost artist. Check it below…he had quite a lot to say:

“It was such a great experience working with a team on the film. Being a fine artist, I am used to living my life creating the whole art process by myself from the concepts birth, raising the idea through all the decision making processes and carrying it out via painting and sculpture.

womanAM_D17_0028I remember reading the script and being blown away by all of the parallels to my life growing up creating mature realistic paintings at a young age. I had gotten a lot of magazine and newspaper press for my talent growing up, which is easy when you live in the cornfields of illinois( not much competition). What I related to the most was Declan’s battle with getting older and coming to terms that you can’t just paint something that is a technically good portrait or still life, there has to be something else,  there has to be a concept, story , or deep personal reason for creating the piece of art, or at the very least make it a glorious visual fucking experience that could only be captured using paint or whatever medium you are choosing. This realization happened for me in grad school and was a difficult transition for me to make just as it was for the character Declan. Also during the time of the filming of art machine I had just gone through a breakup with my now ex fiancé and wasn’t motivated to make art and just wanted to give up the same way Declan did, but for different reasons but both stemming from personal loss, Declan’s father, and also the stress and weight on ones shoulders with everyone watching and expecting so much since you were a child artist.

AM_D17_0039just like I rememberThe art in the film was mostly written in the script so that work became a collaborative effort. Doug and I went back and forth with concepts and sketches . The subject matter was written already but I had some artistic freedom to get into the mind of the character and create what I thought would come from Declan’s hand, for my work at the time was at a very different place that what Declan was creating. However I was extremely happy that my personal work was able to be showcased in the film as well . I installed it staying up all night in the gallery that some scenes were shot in.

 As for my favorite piece that was created for the movie… I would have to say the charcoal painting of the Trojan horse with a US soldier parachuting through the clouds of war debris.

justlikeAM_D17_0030The process for creating all the works was pretty nonstop for two months. Sleeping a couple hours a day during that period and pretty much not sleeping during the shoot because I had to be on set being Declan’s hand as well as photographing the actors and creating paintings of them at night for scenes the following day. There is a scene in the movie where Declan stays up all night painting three war themed paintings so I thought it was necessary that I did the same in order to create those.

I need to add that Joseph Cross could not have done a better job playing Declan. He portrayed such a disturbed kind soul. Filming the movie with Joe gave us time to bond and respect each other’s talents and love for the arts , that I am happy to say that he is now one of my close dear friends/ drinking buddies :)”

Check out the artist at work:

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